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“I have recommended her to other professionals as she is top of mind when I think of a highly competent career coach with a human touch”

– Martha Tween 

Executive Coach, Building Champions, LLC

Bianca Negrón


I’m passionate about embracing a life of excitement and transformation with my family while having a good cup of coffee and enjoying my dog. I think and speak in Spanglish, and I am a mother and a military spouse.

Having dealt with job uncertainty for almost 20 years allowed me to find stability in my career through my brand and business, The Coaching Spot, LLC. 

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“I feel thankful to Bianca Negron, who has added much value to my personal and professional life.  The “Emprende con tu marca” program inspired me to start my business when I saw entrepreneur women from Latin America starting from scratch. “Hay Trabajo” book and podcast have meant a before and after, providing me with a concrete process and call to action to start Silver Quality Consulting.”

– Wendy Plata


Chief Executive Officer at Silver Quality Consulting

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Martha Bianca Negrón | Career and leadership coach Bianca Negrón

“I had the opportunity to contract Bianca Negron as my career coach, as I navigated a difficult career transition coupled with a country transition. She was instrumental in getting a clear picture of how to relaunch my career as a Coach-Consultant in the US after being away from the country for a considerable amount of time. She not only helped me polish my Resume, but also shared with me very valuable and high tech tools to aid in the search of a suitable position where I could use my unique set of skills. I learned new strategies to apply for jobs taking into account new technology, such as AI. I appreciated her encouragement and generosity and genuine interest in my success and wellbeing. I have recommended her to other professionals as she is top of mind when I think of a highly competent career coach with a human touch.”

– Martha Tween


Executive Coach, Building Champions, LLC

Visit her LinkedIn profile here

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“Bianca has been a huge help in getting out of my comfort zone to get more job offers and trying a different strategy to get a job. She took my different backgrounds into account before asking me to look for a job and I secured several interviews a month after starting to work with her. While working with her, there was a good balance between developing the various skills to evaluate what the best path for my future career would be and working on skills that would help me take action to get there.”

– Adrian Tween



“Trabajar con Bianca es contar con alguien que te entrega todo en cada encuentro. Bianca es una persona que te irradia pasión, confianza, energía, poder personal . Ella cree genuinamente en tu potencial y te ayuda a desarrollarlo. Para mi ha significado empezar a creer en mi y en cada acción avanzar hacia la construcción de mi marca personal. Hacer realidad lo que por años estaba como una intención, un deseo.”

– Sandra Callejas, Psicóloga


“Bianca Negrón es una súper Coach que pone toda su alma e ideas al servicio de los demás. Comparto con mucho agradecimiento que en el momento histórico tan difícil que vivió mi país PR, Bianca fue clave en el desarrollo de mi marca personal y estrategias en mis proyectos. Altamente recomendada.” 

– Betsy Serrano

Founder at Tersa Body & Care y Sin Recreo Lab

 “Bianca is a skilled professional with her training programs. She can adapt to any environment and she listens to her clients to give them what they need. I love how she shows you in a kind and subtle way but gets to the resolutions to help your organization grow and understand their challenges to get to change. Thank you Bianca for your support.” 

– Ayanna King, Former CEO

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Virginia Peninsula

“The most valuable thing in the course; Personal Leadership for Change: The Value of Personal Branding is the way that it’s taught. In my opinion the reason that me and the other students were so interested was because of Bianca and the way that she teaches because she does it in a very personal way and I think that it’s great. She uses real life experience and examples that proves us that what she taught us really works. Also I loved the fact that she had always different activities that made us think and do the work ourselves because I believe that is the best way to learn.” 

– Au Pair Student


“Three words that best describe Bianca are selfless-service, integrity and professionalism. I first met Bianca during my transition from the military. Although I was not her client she willingly mentored me through the process of resume building and salary negotiations. Her professionalism while presenting a branding class and one on one counseling was well beyond my expectations. Her integrity is a vital portion to the success of those she provides mentorship to. Bianca will not give you the “looks good” answer but show you honestly where you need to improve while giving you the tools to make the improvement. Her service to the military community as a whole is not a requirement but a passion of hers that shines through her involvement in the encouragement of service members and spouses to excel. Having the opportunity to associate yourself with Bianca and learning from her is definitely a plus in a world which presents challenges.” 

– Military Transitioner


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