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Coaching de liderazgo y carrera para profesionales

Por medio de la herramienta del coaching apoyo a líderes en la planeación de su carrera para que logren un liderazgo efectivo e inspiracional hasta llegar a convertirse en un recurso estratégico en la empresa.

Este servicio apoya la alineación de carrera del líder, procesos de sucesión y desarrollo de ejecutivos.  Se apoyará en las diferentes etapas de carrera al coachee para que logre desarrollar a otros, potencie sus habilidades y así posicionarse en un nivel de influencia en la empresa generando confianza y logrando otorgar un salario emocional a sus colaboradores.

El acompañamiento puede incluir una serie de herramientas de avalúo.

Coaching para líderes en empresas - Salario Emocional

Talleres, charlas o conferencias

Mi especialidad es desarrollar talleres personalizados, dinámicos y  experienciales.

Cada taller es único; mi misión es que el cliente logre tener una experiencia única donde logre entender, conectar y aplicar los conceptos presentados. Algunos de los temas en que me especializo son: empleabilidad, liderazgo, inteligencia emocional, embajadores de marca, desarrollo de plan de carreras, políticas de redes sociales, salario emocional, entre otros.

Soy una «storyteller», en mis charlas relato parte de mis experiencias laborales y empresariales entre lo vivido en Florida, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virginia y la lista continúa. Visita este enlace para referencia de mis charlas.

Charlas, talleres y conferencias con Bianca Negrón coach de carrera y liderazgo


"Bianca Negrón es una súper Coach que pone toda su alma e ideas al servicio de los demás. Comparto con mucho agradecimiento que en el momento histórico tan difícil que vivió mi país PR, Bianca fue clave en el desarrollo de mi marca personal y estrategias en mis proyectos. Altamente recomendada."

Betsy Serrano, Founder at Tersa Body & Care y Sin Recreo Lab

Sabrina Diaz Rubio Servicios para empresas Bianca Negrón

Since I was in high school Bianca Negron’s insightful guidance and unwavering support has propelled me beyond my comfort zone, enabling me to harness my creative potential. Through tailored strategies, conferences and regular check-ins, she instilled in me a newfound confidence and mindset that empowered me to pursue the career that was meant for me. With her invaluable mentorship and help, I not only pursued my dream of becoming a successful graphic designer, but also got various opportunities to be in the design field and acquire work experiences before graduating from my bachelor’s degree. I am forever grateful to her for helping me get to where I am today and wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking to transform their career lives.

– Sabrina Díaz Rubio

Jr. Graphic Designer / The Digital Agency LLC

"Bianca is a skilled professional with her training programs. She can adapt to any environment and she listens to her clients to give them what they need. I love how she shows you in a kind and subtle way but gets to the resolutions to help your organization grow and understand their challenges to get to change. Thank you Bianca for your support."

Ayanna King, Former CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Virginia Peninsula

"The most valuable thing in the course; Personal Leadership for Change: The Value of Personal Branding is the way that it’s taught. In my opinion the reason that me and the other students were so interested was because of Bianca and the way that she teaches because she does it in a very personal way and I think that it’s great. She uses real life experience and examples that proves us that what she taught us really works. Also I loved the fact that she had always different activities that made us think and do the work ourselves because I believe that is the best way to learn."

Au Pair Student from Portugal

"Three words that best describe Bianca are selfless-service, integrity and professionalism. I first met Bianca during my transition from the military. Although I was not her client she willingly mentored me through the process of resume building and salary negotiations. Her professionalism while presenting a branding class and one on one counseling was well beyond my expectations. Her integrity is a vital portion to the success of those she provides mentorship to. Bianca will not give you the "looks good" answer but show you honestly where you need to improve while giving you the tools to make the improvement. Her service to the military community as a whole is not a requirement but a passion of hers that shines through her involvement in the encouragement of service members and spouses to excel. Having the opportunity to associate yourself with Bianca and learning from her is definitely a plus in a world which presents challenges."

Military Transitioner- Virginia

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